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Wedding Band Bournemouth
How long do you play for

Frequently Asked Questions...

Here's what we get asked -  If you're thinking of booking us please check these.

If we've missed anything don't hesitate to email or call us, we're happy to help and answer any questions you have!

What does your price include?


Our regular price is for the 4 piece band.  We usually play for 2 hours ( 2 x 60 minutes, although that can be changed...see below) plus we provide a DJ service for when we aren't on stage. For exact details of the packages we offer, please contact us for our brochure & price list.


Do you have Public Liability insurance and PAT tests?

Yes - we have full Public Liablity Cover and our equipment is regularly safety tested, we can email you or your event planner/venue a copy of the current certificates on request.  Most venues require bands to have this level of cover (so that the venue meets it's own insurance requirements),  it's always worth checking this when you book any bands or musicians.

BTW we play larger venues and festivals regularly too, so we also have ready to send - Technical Specifications, Method Statement, and Risk Assessment sheets, just ask if you need them.


I want to book you!  What next?

Easy!  Just get in touch, we'll ask you for details about your event, and confirm if we are available on the date.  We will then send you a booking agreement, and when you're ready to book we'll ask you to pay a deposit to confirm the booking.

Can we come and see you before we book?

Yes, it's often possible, although please remember most of our gigs are "closed" private events (weddings, corporate events, private parties etc.)  We therefore have "open" rehearsals where you're always welcome to come along and say hello, talk about your plans, as well as hear us play a few tunes -  ask us for a date list.  Also check out our facebook page for details of any public gigs we are planning, we like to let people know about these, don't be shy to ask us for details!

How do I pay?

We ask for the deposit paid by bank transfer upon booking, with the balance paid  two weeks before your event.


How long do you play for?

We play for up to a total of two hours on stage, typically 2x60 minute sets with one break, or three 40 minute sets with two breaks. If your event would be better served by different timings, say one of 90 minutes, or two of 45 minutes, that's no problem: we'll simply arrange the timings to be flexible with whatever else is happening during your event.  We usually arrive by 6pm (allowing 1 hour to set up) and finish by midnight.  If you need us to arrive earlier or stay later, just let us know in advance of the event.


Do you provide DJ or background music between your sets?

Yes, we provide a virtual DJ service for when the band isn't playing, so there can be background or party music throughout the evening. If you want to choose the DJ playlist (maybe a themed evening, or your favourite tunes) just let us know, we can arrange that with you too.


Can you play for our first dance?

Yes, we'll discuss this with you at the time you book us.  If your chosen song is not already in our repertoire (click here) we may be able to learn it especially for your wedding day, or of course we can play the original  recorded version for you.  Let us know your song choice in advance... it's good to be prepared!

What stage area or electricity do you need?

We need a performance area which must be level and dry (we're thinking of marquees and outdoor gigs here!). It doesn't have to be a raised stage, but we do need a certain minimum size to fit 5 people and our equipment - see the diagrams here for the minmum size area we can work with.  For larger than a 5-piece band, contact us for details. For power we need one 13A (safe) socket minimum, and if you're using a generator for an outdoor event, please ensure that it is capable of delivering a steady 3KW without any problems, also that it is being operated/installed by a suitably qualified person.  For larger events, give us a call and discuss the details - we are used to playing festivals, parties etc so have come across most issues already

Do you bring all your own equipment?


Yes, our PA system is fully self contained, great quality, enough for audiences of around 200 people. We are very sensitive to your audience's requirements particularly regarding safe noise levels, so we always run at the appropriate volume level for the event and venue.  If your expected audience is larger than 200 people please discuss with us, we can easily expand our sound and light system to a larger size for bigger gigs but we need to know in advance.  If the venue has a Noise Limiter fitted, we work with  these too -  talk to the venue for advice about bands playing since they know best what's worked in the past at that venue.  We have lots of experience playing with them and haven't had a situation where our performance has been affected!


Do you bring lights?

We have lights for the band onstage, and coloured scan/sweep/laser lighting for the dancefloor area in front of the band.  For larger events, we can increase the light show accordingly, just call us in advance to discuss details.


Do you need a dressing room or food?

The band will be working in your venue for several hours, so will ideally need somewhere to rest, and get changed.   You might prefer this to be out of sight of your guests!  We will also need to eat and drink, like humans do...  If you or your venue can't supply these please ensure there are commercial outlets available nearby that can, or we will have to leave your event to get food and soft drinks at some point... and we don't want to miss your event!


What does the band wear?

The Audio Allstars wear what can be described as smart/casual - check our instagram and photos  


How long do you need to set up?

We need minimum approximately 45 minutes to set up for events such as weddings/parties.  This assumes we have nearby access from our cars  to the stage, please add more time if there is no parking very close to the venue.  We usually arrive about 1.5 hours before we are due on stage. The band is always prepared to wait in the wings if things are running behind schedule. For wedding  events, the best time for us to set up is usually after the reception speeches, while the guests are socialising and the tables are being cleared after the wedding breakfast.   We'll carry out a very brief 'sound check' to ensure the sound quality and volume level is appropriate for the room and guests, which usually takes  a minute or two once all the equipment is set up. Ideally this is done when the room is empty, but if this isn't possible we will explain to the guests/audience what is happening, and ask for their patience.
For larger events, we fit into your schedule for arrival, set up etc.,  just contact us to arrange the details.

Do You Need Car Parking?

Yes, to be able to unload our equipment directly into the venue we need parking for 5 cars at the venue.  If this is a problem, let us know in advance and we will factor any extra time and costs involved.


If there's nowhere for us to park, please don't expect us to "sort it out on the day" - if we can't park conveniently, we can't unload our equipment, and can't play.


We've noticed some venues are misleading their clients lately by encouraging them to book bands but making no provision for parking or access.  So we have to be totally  clear - you must confirm and reserve parking with your venue for us.  Make sure you agree this with your venue before booking  - if they can't confirm then choose another venue, there are lots out there!

How late do you play?

For private parties, weddings, just let us know what time you want your guests to party to!  We'll agree a finishing time with you when you book us, typically we find this is usually 11.30/midnight which is what most hotels & venues require.   If you need to have a hired venue empty by a certain time, please allow 45 minutes for the band to pack away their equipment, longer for larger events.

Do you charge extra to arrive early or play after midnight?

It's no problem for us to arrive early and have our equipment set up before your guests arrive, or to play as late as you like, simply let us know in advance as we charge extra for this to reflect the extra time involved.   If your event is running very late and you want us to finish after the agreed time, or you're having such a great time you just don't want us to stop, you might negotiate on the spot for us to keep playing, but we can't guarantee.


Can I make a speech through your microphone?

Yes, just ask us on the night!

Are there any hidden costs?

No, the price is fully inclusive of everything, travel, accomodation etc., the price we quote is the price you pay.

How loud do you play?

We play at an appropriate level for the venue and audience, it's that simple.  If you want us to be louder or quieter on the night, just have a word with us and we'll adjust the volume accordingly.


Can I choose the band's set list?

You've probably seen our songlist already (click here).  We're always happy to include any favourites you have from there (or miss any out that you don't like!), but please don't write a set list for us,  this gives us no flexibility if your guests don't like the same music as you do!  It's best to trust us, we've been making audiences happy for many years at all kinds of events, part of our expertise is understanding what audiences like so they have a great time!

Do You Give A Discount For Charity Events?

We can, yes!  Especially if it's a charity that's close to our hearts, or we have a connection with, we can offer a big discount, talk to us...  If you are promoting an event to raise money for a good cause that we have no connection with yet, we also offer discounts - as a rule we try to match whatever discount the other paid staff at your event are offering (caterers, waiters, and so on).

What if you don't turn up for my event?

We will, don't worry.  We're professionals with years of experience.  We have our reputations to uphold!

What happens if one of the band is ill?

We totally understand your concern and it's something we have planned for.  We can't recall missing a gig due to illness, and we've been playing professionally since well into the last century (!)  - but it's good to have a backup plan!  We are very well connected in the industry and know many musicians who could step in for a band member if there was a crisis.  We also have great relationships with other bands, also many local & national Entertainment Agencies who are very used to having to fill events at short notice and know **every** band around.  So it should always be possible possible to make a good substitution - as indeed we have substituted for other "sick" bands in the past.  In the extremely unlikely event that there was some problem meaning we were unable to play for you, we're well placed to do all we can to help you find a suitable alternative.


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