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Parties & Celebrations

When you need a band to bring the party, you've just found the best!  We perform at birthday parties, anniversaries, any kind of celebration party...


  • A professional, friendly attitude

  • A great time!

  • 5-piece band

  • Sax/female vocals for 6-piece option

  • Sax/DJ Ibiza club style session when band isn't playing

  • DJ & playlist service (before the event you can choose the DJ music you want to hear)

  • Includes compère/introducing compere/introducing birthday cake, singing “Happy Birthday” etc. as needed and any other announcements.

  • Top-Class PA Amplification (200 people)

  • Lighting for stage and dancefloor

  • All necessary insurances for venue

We Deliver...

When You Plan Your Party...


Every event is unique and we know how important it is to you that everything runs like clockwork for your celebration.

That’s why we’ll keep in touch with you before your party, custom-planning with you and making sure every plan is made to make your celebration exactly how you want it.


And we love to help! If you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and if you want any advice, we’re happy to offer it!

Or call Gavin on: 07960 540444

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