We're a Carbon-Neutral band!

When you book a band, why not choose a party band that's friendly to the planet?

We are a 100% Carbon-Neutral  band, the first in the UK,

and endorsed by The Sustainable Wedding Movement.


We're all trying to reduce our carbon footprint to help our planet, so why not make your event more sustainable with a carbon-neutral band?  It's an easy choice to make and a great way we can "do our bit" to protect our world!

We calculate  and offset our total carbon footprint for every event we play, every rehearsal we do.  Not only does this mean our mileage to bring ourselves and our equipment, but also how much electricity we consume on stage, even our website and social media.


By offsetting all of the carbon produced by everything we do as a band, we're helping the environment and keeping our world a great place to make music for the future :)

Now you can book a sustainable band and reduce the carbon footprint of your event!

Carbon-Neutral wedding band

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Green Party Band

Carbon-Neutral Wedding Band

Eco-Friendly Event Band


Current Certification (click to view)

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Bournemouth Echo 27th April 2020

Bournemouth based party band becomes fir